Let Us Build Your Website Pages

As you probably already suspect we have built thousands of websites and millions of pages. We have a very good handle on what works and what does not work. You will see our pages are simple, informative and updated often. Here are some keys to a winning website formula.
  • Great SEO
  • Great Content
  • Simple but clean Designs
  • Loads of Information About You
  • Balance of Images & Text
  • Multi Browser Compatible
  • User Friendly
  • Not Depressing
  • No Homer Simpson Style Pages

You have never built a website, you are confused and just don't have the time to learn new stuff.

No problem, we can do it all for you.

We can build a few pages for you or the entire website from your logo to the written content. We can produce videos, create custom graphics, write blog articles, create SEO content, manage advertising and social networking campaigns or anything else you might need.

We always prefer that you give us the content to work with, but we will never turn you away no matter how much or how little you need.

Of course, if you can do it yourself, then we are happy to work with you and give you all the help and advice that you might need.

But if you want us to do it all for you, we can certainly work out a plan and take care of it all. It just comes down to what your budget is. Everyone has different budget limitations and our business was built on the smallest customers and we know there isn't anything you cannot do yourself.

But we offer our extra services for those of you who would rather pay someone than do it yourself. If you want to spend $100 or $100,000 we can help you.

Of course you will get very professional work from people that have been doing this for more than 10 years and have all the outside resources, graphic designers, video specialists, webmasters and such on speed dial.

We really do understand the Internet and can give you insight into what works and what doesn't, what people expect, what search engines expect and what the best balance is for your pages.

We originally built pageBuzz strictly as a do it yourself website hosting system, but we have grown into a complete service company because now many people that just don't want to do it themselves.

We can create custom templates for your website while you can build the content and pages or we can create a full cohesive design with all the pages included. Of course, if we have to lean your business to build the pages then the cost will be much higher than you doing it yourself.

We can add items to your shopping cart, create calendars, sideshows and presentations, whatever you need.

We can do logo research and design the best logo for your business, build it into the design or just slap up your name on the top of the page for free.

You decide what you want, and then let us do it for you.

You are the boss, we will do what you want and give you the website you dreamed about.

You can use us when you don't have time to do it yourself or just don't want to be bothered. Our rates will be well below the average and the work will be superior.

The best part is it will have all the tools and features available on pageBuzz.com so you can do it yourself.

Our Proprietary Software

Where everyone will save a bundle of money is hosting with us, because you don't have to pay a design company tens of thousands of dollars to create a shopping cart or custom programs, we already have it and it is part of the hosting package.

That makes it almost impossible for design companies to compete with us.

For them to create a back ed CMS like what we have would cost millions, and we know that because we know what it cost us to build. So they use simple commercial solutions like Joomla or Wordpress that don't do what business owners need. Worse, they charge huge fees for just installing those tools which are free.

Now, do you really want to pay thousands of dollars for a basic website that runs on free software?

Or would you rather pay $20 a month for a website that runs on million dollar software?

No single users could ever afford to pay what we have spent developing our platform and it scares webmasters and developers to death. They just can't compete so they become aggressive, abusive and often violent. We have had enough customer that had to take their webmasters to court to release domains, websites or hosting access.

Watch out for Over Charging

As we were growing webmasters would tell us they charge $5,000 extra just to add a shopping cart, because that is programming and they have to contract that out.

Just because you don't understand something does not mean it should be expensive.

You don't pay $5,000 to your dentist to have a cavity filled. You don't pay $5,000 for a doctor visit, why are you paying $5,000 to have a webmaster install a free shopping cart?

We think we have come up with the most affordable and best running system possible and we will never charge those types of fees, ever. Not because we can't, but because it is just not right to take advantage of people.

Now many some webmasters think they are worth $5,000 for a days work, but if they can't even write programming code that other people charge $50 an hour, then that is probably over inflated.

As a business you have people trying to get your money daily. Offering website packages, advertising, anything else they can turn a buck on.

We are not out to take advantage of anyone, just deliver a great product at a great price. To build great pages at great prices and to give you the support you need to run your business online.


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